Notes for Users

Wi/Fi Projector and Screen

  • There is free Wi-Fi at 10a. Just look for ‘Highgate Society’. No registration required
  • A projector and screen are available (no audio system). Please advise in advance if you want access to these
  • Projector, screen and wi-fi (pdf )


  • Ensure that all cooker switches are ‘off’ and the area cleared before leaving
  • Any rubbish should be bagged and the bags placed inside the gate on the left hand side
  • Kitchen surfaces should be cleared and wiped down
  • The floor should also be cleared and cleaned if there are any spillages
  • If the cooker has been used, the metal plates underneath the rings should be taken out and cleaned before being put back
  • Any milk, food etc not required should be taken away and not left in the refrigerator
  • Cleaning materials are in the cupboard under the sink. Drying up towels, hand towels and paper towels are in the far right upper cupboard
  • A small brush with dustpan, mop and bucket are either in the kitchen area or in the small lobby at the back
  • Please note the sink does not have a waste disposal unit

Fire Door

  • Where 40 or more people are using the hall, the fire door at the back must be unbolted, but not opened unless there is an emergency, as it leads directly into private property.
  • The door should be securely closed and bolted at the end of the event.

After Use

  • If the chairs are used, they should be checked and debris brushed off, before being replaced (in stacks of not more than four) against the wall, on either side of the storage heaters (not in front of them)
  • If the bridge tables are used, they should be replaced in the floor cupboard nearest the door into the lobby
  • If the piano has been used, the cover should be replaced
  • All rubbish should be cleared out and the hall left tidy
  • After rebolting the fire exit door, ensure the lavatory light and lobby light are switched off
  • Ensure that all lights are switched off at the main exit door before closing and locking this door

Location and Transport

Hall Hire main page

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